Silas Caldwell is a musician who has established himself as one of Nashville's up-and-coming artists. Born and raised in North Mississippi, Silas has taken in the sounds of the hill country blues since birth, with his father, Tony Caldwell playing bass alongside hill country blues legends for nearly two decades.

Silas' love for the hill country blues, blended with a love for artists such as Patti Smith, Tom Waits, Neil Young, Calexico, and the Stax Records catalog, helps create his unique sound. Silas' unique live shows include rocking versions of hill country blues classics and originals with a Crazy Horse nostalgia, while holding steady, droning grooves.

Silas' commitment to the hill country blues hasn't been seen yet in the younger generations and is a certainly a unique trait for him to have.

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"In Suffering" - Silas Caldwell (Original Song)

The Magnolia Sound:

The Magnolia Sound is an all-encompassing term for the sounds of North Mississippi, which includes the hill country blues from the Holly Springs area, the electric blues sounds of Howlin' Wolf from West Point, the world-famous Delta blues from the Mississippi Delta, or taking a few notes from the King of Rock N' RollElvis Presley, from Tupelo.

The band typically has a four-piece configuration, which features Silas Caldwell on vocals and guitarTony Caldwell on bass, and a rotating cast of established guitarists and drummers.

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The Kimbrough-Caldwell Duo/Trio:

Silas Caldwell and Kinney "Kent" Kimbrough, son of Junior Kimbrough, often collaborate in a duo (guitar/drums) or trio setting (featuring Tony Caldwell on bass). Scroll to the bottom of this page to watch Silas Caldwell's performance of "Goin' Down South" (feat. Kinney "Kent" Kimbrough)

Solo/Duo Performances:

When he's not playing with The Magnolia Soundanother project, or backing up another artistSilas will sometimes perform in a solo or duo setting. These shows feature a father/son duo, with Silas and his father Tony, with either one using a vintage suitcase drum to keep a unique, steady rhythm.

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"Goin' Down South" Live w/ Kinney Kimbrough

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